Portfolio Update: August 2017

August is behind us, time to check in on my portfolio.

In August I made several dividend growth stock purchases including 10 shares of Simon Property Group (SPG) for a total of $1,585.80

In addition I picked up 16 shares of Kimberley-Clark (KMB) for a total of $1,953.

I also added to my existing positions in Corning (GLW) and Delta Airlines (DAL). Both of their stock prices showed weakness, while their yearly dividend growth numbers - 15% and 50% respectively - remain very attractive.

I keep building my snowball and with each new stock purchase I increase my forward dividend income and get closer to achieving my investment goals.

So how did I progress in August?

For reasons of comparison: a year ago, at the end of August 2016my portfolio consisted of 30 positions with a total value of $42,059.  

At the end of August 2017 my portfolio consisted of 47 positions with a total market value of $98,018 - a Year-on-Year (YoY) increase of 133%.

The portfolio is now in striking distance of $100K.. Bar any wild gyrations in the market I expect to pass that mark by the end of September.

As Charlie Munger so eloquently puts it: “The first $100,000 is a bitch, but you gotta do it. I don’t care what you have to do—if it means walking everywhere and not eating anything that wasn’t purchased with a coupon, find a way to get your hands on $100,000. After that, you can ease off the gas a little bit.” 

I agree with most of that quote, but have no intention to ease off anytime soon!

My YoY increase is shown in the graph below.

How was your August? Did you add new positions to your portfolio? Leave a comment/reply to share your thoughts!

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