Dividend Update: October 2017

It’s time for my favorite type of post: a tally of the dividends I received in the prior month. Given my strategy of DGI, it is really the dividend payouts that I care about. For each of the companies I invest in, I like to see a steady and growing stream of dividend payouts.

So how did I do in October?

Last month 12 companies sent me a dividend payout, adding up to a total of $256.

October is typically an ‘off month’ for receiving dividends as the majority of companies tend to pay out in March, September, October and December.

However, $256 is still a nice chunk of change though and adds nicely to my dividend goals for 2017.

The following table shows the tickers of the companies that made a October 2017 dividend payout to my portfolio.

It features the dividend amount I received and any change in payout as compared to the last payout moment.

TickerDividends ReceivedDividend per Share Change


Some interesting dividend increases across the board here.

Out of the four increases South32 (SOUHY) stands out with an increase almost 78% (!). While that increase looks great, in absolute terms it’s still a minor increase of a minor position.

A more substantial is the 9% dividend increase that come from Diageo (DEO). Reason to crack open a Guiness and celebrate their soon to be opened US brewery.

Comparing the dividend payout of October 2016 to October 2017 (below) shows an increase from $162 to $256- YoY growth of 58%.


How was your October and its dividend?  Leave a comment/reply to share your thoughts!

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  1. Moving in the right direction in a big way. Always nice to see serious double digit year over year gains from a diverse set of companies. I see we share about a handful of names paying us last month. Keep up the good work.

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