Portfolio Update: February 2018

February is behind us, time to check in on my portfolio.

Volatility returned to the markets - with a vengeance. February was a true ‘correction month’ with major indices closing significantly lower compared to January’s records.

While corrections make for great headlines - lower stock prices are generally good news for me given my investment strategy.

While I have not made any new purchases in February, many stocks are back at attractive levels now. I expect to deploy some fresh capital in March and go ‘bargain hunting!

Companies on my watch list include Dominion Energy (D), Spire (SR), while I am also pondering  adding to existing positions in Kimberley-Clark and Hanesbrands.

But sticking to the past month - how did my portfolio progress in February?

For reasons of comparison: a year ago, at the end of February 2017my portfolio consisted of 38 positions with a total value of $71,369.  

At the end of February 2018 my portfolio consisted of 49 positions with a total market value of $113,297, a Year-on-Year (YoY) increase of 59%.

This YoY increase is shown in the graph below.

How was your February? Did you add new positions to your portfolio? Leave a comment/reply to share your thoughts!

Author: Tall Investing


14 thoughts on “Portfolio Update: February 2018”

    1. 2018 is certainly off to a rocky start, while 2017 was pretty much a steady climb. I not only intend to keep it together, but actually benefit from dips and corrections to put some fresh capital to work!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Fantastic growth in your portfolio – good luck finding a few bargains to keep driving that balance upwards! I’ve been scouring the Australian market and must admit am finding it harder and harder to find great bargains, although there are still a few decent value dividend payers at the moment.

    1. Thank you Frankie. I am not close to the Australian investment market, except for my BBL (ADR) position.

      Last month I had the same problem in the US, now many buying opportunities have emerged.


    1. DI,

      Thanks! Both D and KMB at attractive levels at the moment. D would be my first utility, KMB already a sizeable position in my portfolio. Just gathering some fresh capital, and then I’ll likely snag some up for both companies.

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