Dividend Update: September 2018

It’s time for my favorite type of post: a tally of the dividends I received in the prior month.

Given my strategy of DGI, it is really the dividend payouts that I care about. For each of the companies I invest in, I like to see a steady and growing stream of dividend payouts.

So how did I do in September?

Last month 29 companies sent me a dividend payout, adding up to a total of $556.

Really pleased with a new all time high for this month here. Even though it looks like I will not make my goal of receiving $5000 this year - a month like this is a nice dividend tailwind.

The following table shows the tickers of the companies that made a September 2018 dividend payout to my portfolio. The table features the dividend amount I received and any change in payout as compared to the last pay-out moment.

Ticker Dividends Received Dividend per Share Change
INTC $7.50
WFC $15.05 10.54%
GWW $6.80
F $22.50
HBI $15.00
UL $13.59 -5.39%
ADM $33.50
AMGN $33.00
UTX $7.00
ROK $9.20
EMR $24.25
AEP $15.50
JNJ $18.00
ADI $9.60
MMM $13.60
MGA $16.50
STAG $5.92
IP $14.25
VFC $13.80
D $33.40
BP $30.75 2.50%
BBL $56.70 14.55%
QCOM $31.00
GILD $14.25
TRV $11.55
TROW $17.50
PEP $37.10
GLW $18.00
CLDT $11.00
TOTAL 555.81


The fact that 29 companies sent me dividend checks is great in and of itself, and there are some decent dividend raises to report.

Wells Fargo (WFC) provided a nice 10% boost, even though the bank continues to struggle with a range of issues.

Moving on to the Brits: a modest 2.5% dividend increase by BP (BP), it’s first in many years, in addition to an already sweet yield of >5%. A

And yet another great raise by BHP Biliton (BBL) of almost 15%.

British-Dutch Unilever (UL) decided not to go Dutch and keep it’s HQ in the UK. It’s latest dividend pay-out to me decreased somewhat due to exchange rates.

Comparing the dividend payout of September 2017 to September 2018 shows an increase of $379 to $556- a Year-on-Year (YoY) growth of 47%.

This YoY growth is featured in the table below.

How was your September and its dividend?  Leave a comment/reply to share your thoughts!

Author: Tall Investing


8 thoughts on “Dividend Update: September 2018”

  1. Awesome! That is great that you had 29 companies pay you this month, and overall they all look to be pretty well balanced in terms of percent of income. Congrats on setting a new record and achieving that fantastic YoY growth too!

    How far away from your annual goal are you? Could a strong Q4 push you to the finish line?

    1. Thanks DivyDad, appreciate the encouragement!

      With regards to your question: I am YTD at $3,440 (see first table at http://www.tallinvesting.com/dividend/).

      That means that in Q4 I would need to receive another (5000-3440)=1560 to make my 5K goal for the year (http://www.tallinvesting.com/2018/07/investment-goals-for-2018-h1-report/).

      That equates to (1560/3)=520 per month for the rest of the year, which is very unlikely to happen. Right now I predict to close out the year with ~4800 in dividends for 2018. So even though I will miss my 5K goal, it’s still pretty decent right?

      How are you doing on your goals?

      1. I’d definitely say coming that close to your goal is pretty decent-actually, I’d say it is great because our goals should challenge us so coming up just shy is still one hell of an accomplishment!

        For the first year of my DGI portfolio, I am about $900 away from my goal right now and I should make it. There isn’t a huge margin of error but with new capital continuing to go in, I am pretty confident that I’ll squeak by the finish line.

  2. woot nice Tall

    congrats on those dividend raises as well!

    man that yr over yr growth is impressive to boot.

    keep doing what your doing

    1. Dividendsandhobbies,

      Funny that we share Ford… I consider myself a pretty conservative investor and Ford is a little too much on the speculative side. Let’s see whether they can move ahead into autonomous, electric and mobility as a service.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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