Dividend Update: October 2018

It’s time for my favorite type of post: a tally of the dividends I received in the prior month.

Given my strategy of DGI, it is really the dividend payouts that I care about. For each of the companies I invest in, I like to see a steady and growing stream of dividend payouts.

So how did I do in October?

Last month 13 companies sent me a dividend payout, adding up to a total of $324.

We are getting close to the end of the year now. Even though it looks like I will not make my goal of receiving $5000 this year - I’ll like end up fairly close to that.

The following table shows the tickers of the companies that made a October 2018 dividend payout to my portfolio. The table features the dividend amount I received and any change in payout as compared to the last pay-out moment.

Ticker Dividends Received Dividend per Share Change
HBAN $11.20
KMB $50.00
DEO $21.01 4.07%
SOUHY $3.10 -15.07%
HASI $16.50
VTR $12.64
EQR $10.80
WPC $71.75 0.49%
STAG $5.92
CAH $38.10
CSCO $33.00
CLDT $11.00
BNS $38.83 3.12%
TOTAL 324.40


The fact that 13 companies sent me dividend checks is great in and of itself, but, alas, this month there are no exciting  dividend raises to report.

In fact it was only Diageo (DEO) that provided somewhat of a decent boost to it’s dividend, raising their pay-out by 4.07%.

South32 Limited (SOUHY) decreased it’s dividend by -15%, but given that the company is such as small position in my portfolio, it’s not a material impact.

Comparing the dividend payout of October 2017 to October 2018 shows an increase of $256 to $324- a Year-on-Year (YoY) growth of 27%.

This YoY growth is featured in the table below.

How was your October and its dividend?  Leave a comment/reply to share your thoughts!

Author: Tall Investing


9 thoughts on “Dividend Update: October 2018”

  1. Yes, finally able to read the post!
    Seems like the dividends are going like clockwork, great to see the increases going. What’s the plan with South32 Limited? Keeping it or selling?

    1. Good! 😉

      I acquired the South32 shares when they spun off from BHP Biliton. They have actually done pretty well, in terms of appreciation and dividend pay-out. But, it’s of course a tiny position.

      I will keep them, no need to incur a sales fee here 🙂

    1. Thanks Bert - not a stellar month in terms of raises, but still a decent ‘$300+’ month. November and December are looking good as well.

      Congrats on your October as well. Looks like we had a similar YoY growth!

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