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Tall Investing is my personal journey to build passive income through dividend growth investing.

As a 30 something in the US, I began to realize that retirement might be further away than ever. Uncle Sam is likely to be far less generous in social security payments by the time I will reach 65, pensions are by and large a thing of the past and savings accounts pay about as much as the mattress you hide your money under does.

Through several months of research (see ResourcesI came to the conclusion that dividend growth investing fitted my needs, interest and risk appetite.

So what is dividend growth investing (DGI)?

Wikipedia gives a crisp definition of DGI - a strategy that involves investing in company shares according to the future dividends forecast to be paid. Companies that pay consistent and predictable dividends tend to have less volatile share prices.

Well established dividend paying companies will aim to increase their dividend payment each year, and those who make an increase for 25 consecutive years are referred to as a dividend aristocrat. Investors who reinvest the dividends are able to benefit from compounding of their investment over the longer term.

After about two years of investing I decided to launch this site to share my journey, connect with like minded people  and keep myself honest and on track. Each month I research, analyze and buy shares in companies that pay dividends. When deciding whether to add a company to my portfolio, I like to see a steady and growing dividend pay-out.

Over time the sum of all these dividends add up to a steady and growing dividend income stream - supplementing my regular earnings. In the long run this passive dividend income will be a significant part of my retirement income.

Through this site I make regular updates on which shares I am buying, considering and - if needed - selling. Furthermore I provide updates on my portfolio and dividend income.

I choose the name ‘Tall Investing’ because as a 6 ft 6 guy I hope to be done growing physically… time to reach new financial heights!


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